About the book


This book is dedicated to you as you think and try to process the reasons why someone is sick. It's about you, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It's a place to write out yourinnermost thoughts as only you can. Writing helps to delve into the feelings that are most important to you.  

What others are saying

Thoughtfully written with a keen understanding of teens, this journal affords a private place to face the  serious illness of a loved one. Questions, thoughts, space....all provided to engage the adolescent to explore more deeply the feelings and overall uncertainty this life experience brings up. Having walked through the serious illness of my father as a teen, and knowing what was never asked, said, or explained, I am grateful to be able to provide this invaluable tool to others. — Marsha Andre’ LCSW-C

This journal provides thoughtful guidance for teenagers and young adults who are faced with loss or the severe illness of a loved one. Bill has used his own journey through grief to provide a unique step-by-step guide to putting thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and memories down on paper. This is an excellent tool to help young people process their emotions and cherish their loved ones forever.  — Laura Johnson, MSW, LGSW 

About the author

 Bill is a pastoral counselor specializing in work with adolescents and young adults. He has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years working in both large and small group settings. Bill has a part time practice and was involved with the Montgomery County Youth for Christ organization as one of their board of trustees from 2008 until 2016. He also holds a Certificate of Specialized Training in Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention from the ICISF and maintains active membership in the American Association of Christian Counselors.    

A quick note from the author

As an 11 year old, my mother began her fatal bout with cancer. I had little to no idea that this would be her final days and that my life would change forever. During those 18 or 19 months, no one gave me any hint that these could and would be her last days in my life. There was very little information from other family members as to what her sickness was and what, if any, the possible outcomes would be. While her final days were filled with the pain of the cancer, mine were filled with confusion. It was 1964 when she got sick and there was little medical knowledge about the disease that took her life. Today I have little remembrance of her. There is only a small box of pictures left to remind me of her smile and physical appearance, with few other memories. I don’t remember what she liked for food or music, her favorite restaurant or what she enjoyed doing. This journal was written so you can have a place to reflect on someone special, a single place where you can capture your thoughts and emotions to help you process their illness. While not all sicknesses end in tragedy, having a chance to capture those thoughts on paper helps us to understand why we feel the way we do. It’s helpful to be able to understand the uniqueness of a relationship between two very special people. The way you feel about their illness is the way you feel. No one can tell the right or wrong way, only you are experiencing the effect it’s having on your life. This journal is for you to write your feelings and the special times you had with them in the past as well as what the future may hold.  

 Above all else, hold on to hope. 



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